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Diagnosis and Prescription

Each student entering the K12 program is given diagnostic tests to determine skill and concept mastery. The diagnostic tests assist the evaluator in determining the student’s academic needs in each subject. After the student completes the diagnostic testing, they are iven curriculum that meets and challenges them at their performance level.

Four academic areas are tested: 
Math Levels 1-9
English Levels 1-8, 
Reading Levels 1-8 
(Science, Social Studies, Bible Reading, Literature and Creative Writing)
Spelling Levels 2-9. 
These tests cover basic skills normally mastered before high school.

When weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate gap PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses.

Why Are We Different?

On the surface, most schools look alike—buildings, personnel, curriculum, and budgets.

The K12 program is different Now we bring over years  40 years of experience from the ACE Curriculum Program, that has been the trendsetter in Biblical educational reform. 

Its philosophy is built on basic principles of the Word of God. Students are taught to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character. 

K12  is not just a school  but a comprehensive Bible-based program that serves all levels of a students  ability - not a system that is set on one level for all students to learn or get left behind or bored if they are advanced.

Primary Objective:

The focus of K12 Christian Academy is to provide an excellent education without compromising the Word of God.
We endeavor to provide for the student a safe environment in which he may develop to his fullest potential.

We seek to develop positive Christian leaders who respect themselves and others, who accept responsibility, who possess sound minds and spiritual values, who know how to relate to others, who are witnesses for the Kingdom of God, and who are developing their own individual talents, gifts, and abilities to the fullest possible extent.
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